Chef Taka is available for in-home sushi parties/private events (for groups of 10 or more.) We'll come to your home, prepare course after course of delicious appetizers, sushi, sashimi and rolls and do a thorough kitchen cleanup before we leave. For more information, please email [email protected] Dates are filling up quickly, so reserve your party now.  

We're taking a break from home sushi delivery for now, and concentrating on private parties.

Chef Taka is creating the same beautiful sushi you've known and loved for decades-- and delivering it straight to your front door!   The menu is limited, in order to streamline and make this service possible, but it's loaded with taste.  

  We are a family company and we never use a meal delivery service!  Our sushi is gently transported to you by our own employees,  tucked carefully into ice chests, so that it arrives in perfect condition and at the proper temperatureWe can do contact-free deliveries--just let us know.   The world around us has changed dramatically, but Chef Taka's sushi is still just the way you remember it!

How it works
We do pre-orders only.   We're currently doing deliveries on Saturdays,  and deliver sushi to our customers in the late afternoon/early evening.   Each week, we choose different areas for delivery. If your area isn't on the list, it never hurts to ask us (we might just be able to accommodate you.)   We also offer meetups here in Fair Oaks if you live outside of our delivery areas.  We recommend ordering early, as we tend to fill up quickly.  *If you live outside of our delivery area--all is not lost!   We often do "sushi meetups" with our customers on most delivery days in Fair Oaks,  earlier in the afternoon.*  

Simply email us your order at [email protected]  (please include your full name, address and phone number.)   Once we process your order, we will send you an email with payment instructions. 

We accept  Venmo or Apple Pay.  There is a $50 minimum for sushi orders.    Please do not attempt to send payment until we send your confirmation and payment instructions.  We  serve a limited number of customers per day, so please get your orders in early. 
 Don't forget to check out our photo gallery!

All orders are processed through email at this time. Please include your address and phone number, along with your orders and questions to [email protected]     

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            Vegetarian/Vegan Sushi Rolls & Sides

Kappa Roll (Cucumber roll)  $5
Avocado Roll   $6
Avokyu  (Avocado and Cucumber roll)   $7
Veggie Roll (Avocado, cucumber and apple, topped with seaweed salad)   $8
Green Roll (Cucumber, asparagus and seaweed salad on the inside, topped with avocado slices)   $10 
Salted Edamame   $7
Vegetable Gyoza (vegan)  $8
Sunomono Salad   (sliced cucumbers dressed with sweet vinegar, sesame oil, sprinkled with sesame seeds)   $7  
Sunomono Wakame Salad  (Sliced cucumbers and wakame seaweed with sweet vinegar, sesame oil dressing, sprinkled with sesame seeds)  $8


Kushi Oysters on the Half-Shell  (tiny, gemlike tumbled oysters with deep cups,  grown in the cold waters of  Vancouver Bay, British Columbia) 
Half Dozen $19         1 Dozen $3

 Please give us 48 hours advance notice if you're ordering oysters*

Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) nigiri  $17
Chef's-Choice Combo Box  (Assortment of 7 different nigiri pieces,  tekka roll and tamago slices)  $27
Taka's Chirashizushi (assorted fish served atop rice)  $48  or  (served atop sunomono salad for a low-carb version) $50
Uni Nigiri (sea urchin from  Hokkaido) $18
Bluefin Nigiri (farm-raised) $18     
Bluefin Sashimi  (farm-raised) $28 
Hotate Mix  Nigiri (Hokkaido scallops, mixed with green onion, tobiko and Kewpie Mayonnaise, topped with Japanese caviar)  $14
Hokkaido Hotate Nigiri (Farm-raised Hokkaido scallops)   $14
Saba Lomi-Style Nigiri   $11
NY-Style Tai Nigiri   $11
NY-Style Tai Sashimi: $20
Hamachi Toro Nigiri: $17
Hamachi Toro Sashimi: $27
Ankimo Pate  (Monkfish liver pate topped with black tobiko, served with fried flour tortilla wedges) $24

                                          Taka's Menu

Nigiri (2 pieces) 
Maguro $9
Salmon $9
Lomi Salmon $9
Albacore $9
Hamachi $11
Kani (crab salad, mayo, sprinkled with tobiko)  $9

Tako  $7

Tamago  $6
Red Balls
(crab salad, tobiko and green onion, mixed with spicy garlic aioli and     sriracha on the inside, wrapped in red tuna and dressed with spicy garlic aioli and red ball sauce)  $12
Ikura (Salmon Roe)  $11
Chef's Combo Box (Assortment of 7 different nigiri pieces, 1 tekka roll and tamago slices)   $27

Omakase Platters 
Small Omakase Platter (Chef's Choice-no substitutions)  $65 
(3 Special Rolls,  choose between 3 chef's choice nigiri sets, or 2 sets of Red Balls)         
Large Omakase Platter (Chef's Choice-no substitutions)  $125 
(5 Special Rolls, 3 sets of Red Balls, 3 sets of nigiri)

Salted Edamame $7
Sunomono Salad $7   (sliced cucumbers dressed with sweet vinegar, sesame oil sprinkled with sesame seeds)
Sunomono Wakame Salad $8   (Sliced cucumbers and wakame seaweed with sweet vinegar, sesame oil dressing, sprinkled with sesame seeds)
Deep-Fried Pork Gyoza 7 pieces  $8 (potstickers)  
Deep-fried Vegetable Gyoza 7 pieces  $8 (potstickers) 


Maguro   $17
Salmon    $17
Hamachi   $20
Tako Sashimi   $17
BTS (thinly sliced albacore tuna topped with thinly sliced jalapenos, dressed with ponzu and sesame chili oil)    $17
Poke (Hawaiian-style sashimi)   $17
Ankimo (Monkfish liver)    $19
Mixed Sashimi     $35 

Taka's Chirashizushi (assorted fish served atop rice) "Chirashi" means "scattered" in Japanese. $48 or (served atop sunomono salad for a low-carb version) $50 


 Rolls $10

California Roll (crab mix, avocado, cucumber topped with tobiko)
empura Roll (fried shrimp and cucumber)
Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna and cucumber)
Spider Roll  (
fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado and tobiko) 

Hosomaki     ("skinny rolls"  seaweed on the outside)

Negihama Roll (Hamachi, green onion)     $9
Tekka Maki  (Maguro)                                       $7
Kappa Maki    (Cucumber)                                $5
Avocado roll                                                           $5

Special Rolls $17
Star 6 Roll (Fried Soft Shell crab, spicy crab mix and apple on the inside, topped with layers of sliced avocado, fresh salmon and jalapenos, drizzled with teriyaki sauce, torched, then drizzled w/ spicy garlic aioli and sprinkled with chopped deep fried soft shell crab legs)  $19
Twin Shake    (Cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber  on the inside, topped with fresh salmon and avocado, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and spicy cream sauce, sprinkled with black tobiko)
Trevor Roll    (Crispy fried shrimp, cream cheese and cucumber inside, topped with ebi, fresh salmon, sweet chili glaze and sliced onion, dressed with sesame chili oil and soy sauce)
Kohaku Roll
      (Crispy fried shrimp, avocado and cucumber, topped with red and white tuna, garlic cream sauce and sprinkled with green onion)
Christianna Roll    (Crab mix, apple, avocado, topped with fresh salmon, white onion, sesame chili oil and soy sauce)
Ziggy Roll
   (Crispy fried shrimp, avocado, green apple, green onion, tobiko, mixed with Ziggy Sauce and wrapped in a soy wrapper)
Spicy D Roll   (Crispy fried shrimp, cucumber and spicy tuna on the inside, topped with sliced tuna and avocado slices. Dressed with teriyaki sauce, spicy cream and spicy sauce and topped with tobiko and green onion.)
Shelly Roll    (Crispy fried shrimp, cucumber and crab mix on the inside, topped with avocado slices and cooked shrimp, dressed with garlic cream and spicy cream sauces and sprinkled with tobiko and green onion)
Ahi Ahi Roll  
 (Spicy tuna and cucumber inside, topped with tuna slices and dressed with spicy cream and spicy sauce, sprinkled with green onion)
Rainbow Roll   (Crab mix, avocado and cucumber inside, topped with 6 pieces of chef's choice assorted fish and sprinkled with sesame seeds)
Sunrise Roll 
  (Shrimp tempura, crab mix and cucumber on the inside, topped with avocado and Japanese scallops, dressed with garlic cream sauce and spicy cream sauce and sprinkled with tobiko)

*Looking for low carb alternatives?  Any of our rolls  (with the exception of  the Ziggy Roll) can be made with a cucumber wrap instead of rice for an upcharge of $3 per roll.*  

*Don't like it spicy?  No problem!  Most items can be ordered non-spicy.  Just tell us when you place your order.*

$50 minimum order.   Payment is required in advance.  
We accept Venmo or Apple Pay.)   We appreciate your business! 

We accept pre-orders only.  Orders should be placed no later than the day before service. We highly recommend ordering several days in advance, particularly for weekend deliveries.

Please send orders (don't forget to include your name, address and phone number)  to
[email protected]


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